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Precautions for Teenage Drivers

Do you have a teen that’s about to be a licensed driver?  This is a time full of excitement and trepidation for both the teen and their parents. The first few months will no doubt be an anxious time. Every driver learned to drive and most made it through the process unscathed. Follow these recommendations from the professional drivers to ensure your teen’s learning curve is a safe one.

Learning to drive is a huge responsibility. It’s often said, that were the roads empty, the learning curve would be much faster. Not only is the teen driver responsible for their driving, but they are also obliged to safely navigate other drivers and the inevitable obstacles. Driving today has become substantially more dangerous given the distractions caused by the prolific use of cell phones and mobile devices. In-dash GPS systems can be very distracting. While it is imperative that your teen’s cell phone remain in the back seat at all times, they nevertheless need to have a heightened awareness of the distracted drivers surrounding them. Even though driver’s education is required in most states to gain a driver’s license, the over whelming majority of driver raining comes from simply practicing behind the wheel under a variety of circumstances.

As driving skills increase, make your teen responsible for taking care of their car as well. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and stock up on basic car cleaning and maintenance supplies from the terrific selection available from AutoZone.Taking the car for service, maintaining the tires and keeping the vehicle clean should all be responsibilities that go with the privilege of driving.  From vehicle registrations to insurance debacles, engage your teen in all the nuances involved in car ownership. This empowerment will also serve to have your teen take greater ownership of their car and become more mindful drivers.  Lastly, teach your teen about courteous driving. Respecting other ‘s drivers on the road is simply safe driving. Best of luck to your teen and your family throughout the process!

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